The conflict between Vermont Muhammad and Eugenia Cooney began in Too Many Fingers

Conflict History Edit

Overview Edit

The Two became enemies when Vermont posted nasty comments in one of Eugenia's video's comment sections, and it really came apparent when Eugenia made a hate speech on him in front of the entire cafeteria.

Season 1 (New Class) Edit

In Too Many Fingers Vermont is seen replying with nasty comments like "You're anorexic" and "Eat a sandwich" in one of Eugenia's video's comment section.

The day after, Eugenia confronts Vermont about it while he's in the gaming room. He blatantly tells her to "Look in the mirror" and also asks her if she honestly thinks she looks healthy, and that she needs to go to the hospital. With the hurtful things being said, Eugenia leaves crying, and Vermont just basically shrugs it off. 

In another scene in the episode, after Eugenia's epiphany, she confronts Vermont, and embarrasses him in front of the entire cafeteria including Maya Matlin and R.C. Yorke by reading a hate speech about his conversation skills, and he confesses to her (and everyone else) that he has Asperger's Syndrome, and she leaves feeling guilty. 

In the Second to last scene of the episode, Vermont is in the gaming room after school and Eugenia apologizes for her actions, in which Vermont accepts her apology and the two are on good terms.