The Seventh season of Degrassi premiered on ?, 2010 on MuchMusic (Canada) and TeenNick (U.S.) The show followed a 7-week telenovela format with 29 episodes marketed as Degrassi: Best Of Both Bullets, depicting the remainder of the ??? school year. The show returned in the ????. The remaining 14 episodes will air in ???, depicting the first semester of the ??? school year. Production for the season commenced on ???? at Epitome Studios in Toronto. Filming has continued into ???. The slogans for this season are ?????.

Main Cast (Premier) Edit

Seniors Edit

  • Alixzander "Alix" Hoffer, A music loving musicain who finds out theres more to love then just music this spring.
  • Stephani "Steph" Hawks, A Popular, snobby and some-what rich girl who will find out that keeping secrets are gonna be hard this year then before.
  • Lacey Rose Standon, A 3 year -mother student starting degrassi hoping for good grades and a good father. She will soon find that love is more than just meets the eyes.
  • Shea Nicole, A football player and staring runback this year. This break is gonna be hard when she finds out some people that are close will never be as close as they say they are.

Juniors Edit

  • Samantha "Sam" Coe, A under-achiever and tough ass of the school. Sam seems to it comes to love. (New)

Sophomore Edit

  • Debra Hoffer, A musilum girl and finds sex everywhere? Will she find love this spring break?
  • Joelle Lytle, A smart and helpful girl at degrassi and also a shadow of her older sister? Will she find that School, Friends and Work are harder than what she thinks?
  • Nicholas "Nick" Haugen, A cousin to an Drop-Out, he knows his sports and he plays good for them. Will he be finding himself in another love triangle?
  • Leslie Fredes Standon, A sister to Lacey and supportive to. a perfect cheerleader, popular and friendly will be interupted by her friend and ex?
  • Lauren Love, A new girl and nice gifted person. Sister to graduate Zoe Love. She wants friends and everything but will her Social and Family life mix cuz of some siblings?

Freshman Edit