New Class
This version of the character was created by Chestnutthehero.

Richard Callum "R.C." Yorke was a Senior (Grade 12; as of Degrassi: New Class) at Degrassi Community School and the younger brother of J.T. Yorke. He is portrayed by Cody Christian.


Season 1Edit

As of New Class, R.C. Seems to have a new look. Which appears to be more masculine, to show aging in the series.

In Too Many Fingers R.C. is approached by Maya who is excessively cautious after having a talk with Juan, suggesting that R.C. was depressed. R.C. soon finds out why she was so nervous around him, and she tells him that Juan had the idea that he was depressed, R.C. Then gets angry and walks off upset.

R.C. Can be seen in the cafeteria with Maya Matlin, as Eugenia embrasses Vermont in front of the entire café. Him and Maya don't speak to one another at all during this.

Later in that episode, Maya goes to R.C.'s home knocking in the door, when he opens the door she wants to talk and the two proceed to go inside. Once in, Maya confesses to R.C. that she learnt about J.T. Yorke, and comes to a realization that he has lost too many people in his life.

After this, R.C. holds Maya's hands and tells her that he loves her, and that she is the only reason why he's been making it through rough times in his life, saying "I don't want to lose you too." Ending the episode in them making out, and the camera panning out through the window.