Marilena Cipriano
Marilena 1
Biographical information
Full Name
Marilena Alessandra Cipriano
October 31, 1996
The Dot (waitress)
Resides In
Physical Description
Hair Color
Eye Color
Dark blue-grey
Personal Information
Rafaele Cipriano (father)

Emilia Del Rossi (mother)
Lorenzo Cipriano (brother)
Giovonni Del Rossi (uncle)
Louisa Del Rossi (aunt)

Marco Del Rossi (cousin)

Production Information

Marilena Alessandra Cipriano is a senior (Grade 12) at Degrassi Community School. She is the younger sister of Lorenzo Cipriano and the cousin of Marco Del Rossi. Nellie decided at a young age that she wanted to attend Degrassi because of Marco.

When Nellie was a little girl, she was very spoiled by her parents and looked down on others. Whenever she did not get her way, she would throw temper tantrums. As Nellie grew up, she eventually grew out of her spoiled ways, realizing that if she continued to be rude to others, she wouldn't have any friends.

Nellie can sometimes still be stuck-up and rude. However, she is actually a kind-hearted person and cares about her friends, and is willing to defend them if she has to. Nellie is very intelligent, witty, and sarcastic. She can also be very charming, as well as sneaky and manipulative.

She is best friends with Sav BhandariClare EdwardsMike DallasDrew TorresAdam Torres, before his death, and Eli Goldsworthy. She is good friends with Zane ParkRiley StavrosAlli BhandariImogen MorenoJake Martin, and Jenna Middleton, who she originally didn't like. She does not like Ellie Nash, considering her a rival for Marco's attention, and is enemies with Luke Baker and Holly J. Sinclair. Nellie is labeled as the "Sweet, yet manipulative, Redhead" by her friends and the people she knows.

Nellie is portrayed by Ebba Ningmark.