The conflict between Margo C. James & Zander Hoffer began in Too Many Fingers

Conflict History Edit

Overview Edit

The Two became enemies when Zander points out, and teases Margo for not wearing a bra to school, where she felt embarrassed, and subjected to regular male behavior of females being a sexual object.

Season 1 (New Class) Edit

In Too Many Fingers when she is called up by the Sophomore home room teacher to the front of the room to give tell them about herself, since she is new here. When she begins, chuckles go throughout the room between students (dominantly males) and then Zander points out that she doesn't have a bra on. Embarrassed Margo speaks in private to the teacher, and the teacher sends her home to go fix herself, which Margo see as unfair, while she is constantly teased by Zander. She refuses to leave, and security escorts her out of the room.