Eugenia Cooney
Eugenia Cooney
Full Name Eugenia Cooney
Nickname(s) Skeleton (by Vermont)
Gender Female
Eye Color Green (Natrually)


Hair Color Black
Job Student
School(s) Degrassi High
Portrayed By Eugenia Cooney


Eugenia is an optimistic Emo styled student, who loves the rush of danger, but has passion in everything she does. She's a kind soul to be around, and wouldn't hurt a fly. She has an obsession with Jack the Skeleton, and other horror fictional characters, and enjoys meeting new people who postively thinks like she does.

Bio Edit

Not much is known about her yet.

Season 1 (New Class) Edit

In Too Many Fingers Eugenia could be first seen in a cameo appearance passing Margo's classroom as she introduced herself to the class.

Later that day, someone recognizes her from her famous video channel, and asks her to make a Q & A. She does so that same night, and uploads it to her FaceRange account, only to find out moments later that the only nasty comments she got were from Vermont who was in her home room classroom. Upset with his comments Eugenia takes the more sensitive approach and cries herself to sleep,

The day after, Eugenia confronts Vermont about it while he's in the gaming room. He blatantly tells her to "Look in the mirror" and also asks her if she honestly thinks she looks healthy, and that she needs to go to the hospital. With the hurtful things being said, Eugenia leaves in tears.

In another scene in the episode, after Eugenia's epiphany, she confronts Vermont, and embarrasses him in front of the entire cafeteria including Maya Matlin and R.C. by reading a hate speech about his conversation skills, and he confesses to her (and everyone else) that he has Asperger's Syndrome, and she leaves feeling guilty.

In the Second to last scene of the episode, Vermont is in the gaming room after school and Eugenia apologizes for her actions, in which Vermont accepts her apology and the two are on good terms.

Relationships Edit

Interaction Edit

Friendships Relationships Conflicts Attractions Love Traingles
Vermont - Eugenia Friendship Vermont - Eugenia Conflict

Quotes Edit

  • (To Random Student) "Yeah, it is I" (First Line)
  • (To Vermont) "You said some pretty hurtful things, and I just wanted you to know how I felt, before I did anything stupid."

Trivia Edit

  • Eugenia is the first and only person to be a YouTuber on Degrassi: New Class
  • She is heavily based on her real life YouTube Personality.
  • Degrassi: New Class tackles the real life rumors that Eugenia is anorexic.
  • Eugenia is from Cinnecticut U.S. Instead of Cananda, like most other students.