Main Cast Edit

Seniors (Class of 2016) Edit

  • Cody Christian as R.C. Yorke - A guy who made puberty his bitch, and struggles to find love after his ex girlfriend's death (Karen)
  • Dylan Sprout as Zachary Matlin - A snazzy looking guy, who entertains himself with the downfall of others.
  • Diego Barrueco as Juan Rivera - A hothead jock who will do anything to make it into college.
  • Olivia Scriven as Maya Matlin - A cello virtuoso who's following her passion.

Juniors (Class of 2017) Edit

  • Frank Dillane as Nick Wallison - A comic fanatic who believes he can make a difference and social impact within society.
  • Tre Samuel as Jona Haavros - A theater kid, questioning his belief in his own religion.
  • Kenneth Nixon as Emojen Fitz - A superficial 11 Grade boy, who keeps his eyes out for the supernatural.

Sophomore (Class of 2018) Edit

  • Chris Oflyng as Mickey Andrews - A compulsive liar, who tries to make himself look good, even if that means he puts his friends aside.
  • Celina Martin as Margo C. James - A fun and bubbly fashionita who does things her own way, all the time.

Freshman (Class of 2019) Edit

  • Reece King as Vermont Muhammad - A happy-go-lucky kind of boy, who is hesitant and hostile towards the things he doesn't understand, and almost everyone knows he's hiding a secret.
  • Eugenia Cooney as Eugenia Cooney - An internet sensation darling, who isn't sure if she is battling an eating disorder.
  • Amanda Arcuri as Laisha Rivera - A dreadful quiet girl, who's basically a ghost compare for everyone else.
  • Aiswarya Rai In Josh as Elena Halhari - An artsy freshman who doesn't know what she wants in life.

Degrassi Staff Edit

  • Stefan Brogren as Archie Simpson, the principal of Degrassi and an alumnus of Degrassi Junior High School and Degrassi High School.

Recurring Characters Edit

Students/Former Students Edit

Marry Huagen - A stoner highschool drop out, who isnt a benefit.

Zander Hoffer - A Grade 11 Badass, who is troubling to say the least.

Ruby Pierce - R.C.'s ex, who's taking the behind the scenes role for now.

Debra Hoffer - A cocky and prestigious Grade 10 gal, who is also the younger sister of Zander Hoffer.

Other Edit

Noah Barnes - Son of a pastor, who volunteers at Degrassi High, trying to stay positive despite his last relationship ending in a flaming car wreck.

Trivia Edit

  • This series is the second series in the Degrassi Franchise to follow a 10 Episode Format, the first was Degrassi: Next Class
  • If R.C. Yorke wasn't included in the season, this season will mark the official Generation Z period.
  • This season follows the 2016 school year.

Episode List Edit

Episode # Title Canadian Airdate Average Rating Score
1 Too Many Fingers July 22nd


2 What I want to Know July 22nd


3 Indigenous July 22nd


4 Yorke Kid July 22nd


5 One Day When July 22nd


6 Cry For Help July 23rd 10.0 (Emmy Award Winning)
7 Put it down July 24th 9.2
8 Outside Beauty July 25th 7.8
9 Facade Funeral July 26th 7.7
10 Re-do July 27th 9.3
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