Degrassi: In session is an online web series created by Jahni Heron. It follows Degrassi students and his own own personal twist on what would happen. It is a pic by pic storytelling idea, voice acted along side his brother Chase Heron.

The main cast as of now are 10 students out of the 27 we have seen those being:

1.Maya Matlin

2.Vijay Maraj

3. Esme Song

4. Zig Novak

5.Khaleesi Targareyn

6.Miles Holingsworth III

7. Imogen Moreno



10. Baaz Nahir


Possible future characters who are hinted at/recognized:

1.Hunter Hollinsgworth (recognized in episode 6 of season 1)

2. Eli Goldsworthy (Rumoured)

3.Sav Bhandari (Rumoured)

4. Alli Bhandari (Rumoured)

5. Frankie Hollingsworth (Rumoured)


You can watch start from episode 1 here: